Our Solutions

We work with a wide range of clients. In order for them to achieve their financial goals, we offer simple solutions to complex concerns. With that in mind, below are some of the services and products often utilized:



* Retirement Planning and Income Coordination

* Portfolio Design Utilizing Asset Allocation modeling

* Estate Conservation Techniques

* Business Succession Planning

* Comprehensive Financial Analysis

* Personal Insurance Strategies

* College Funding Alternatives

* Professional Portfolio Management

* Advisory Services offered through SII

* Mutual Funds, Individual Stocks and Bonds

* Fixed and Variable Annuities

* Various Life Insurance products

* Long Term Care Insurance

* Brokerage Acounts

* Individual Retirement Accounts

* SIMPLE and 401(k) plans

* OTHER Tax-Qualified Retirement Plans

Our clients have daily access to a consolidated wealth reporting system website that allows them to see their entire portfolio, its current investment allocation, and historical performance.

Note: not all representatives of the firm may be able to offer all products/services listed.